Royal Landscaping Services has been in service for 11 years, and from day 1, we have had a policy of “Customer Satisfaction at Any Cost.”  We do one job at a time, and never ask our customers for any money until they are 100% satisfied.  That’s what our contract states.  You will be amazed that my wife and I are at every job, and never leave a crew without one of us being present.  That’s the best quality control in the business.

We offer complete landscape packages or we can just pull weeds. We can plant 100 trees or just trim one. We will change the look of your landscaping to a point of “awe,” usually in 1 week or less. We WON’T sell you a design on a piece of paper for hundreds of dollars. That’s a waste of money. You cannot see your dreams on a piece of paper. We, you and I, will build it TOGETHER. We WON’T ever ask for a deposit on any job.